Take a look into our 2016 Summer Program!

We've wrapped up our 2016 Summer Program! We held a site at South Island School and two sites at Island School; thank you to the English Schools Foundation for continually hosting us at their schools! Please find below a few highlights from our summer. 

We are very proud of all of the inspiring achievements and growth from every single student and student teacher. Students stepped up to challenges - accomplishing many things for the first time; they learned different subjects, immersed themselves in an English environment, performed daily on stage, grew in their confidence, and learned to support each other! 

A large kudos to our phenomenal group of teachers and staff who tirelessly gave it their all to create a supportive, caring, and safe space for so much growth to happen this summer. A special thank you to all of our generous sponsors and community partners. Without your support, this summer would not have been possible. Thank you! 

Fostering a Love of Learning

Web Programming                                              Theater and Expression

Aviation                                                                  Neuropsychology 

Debate                                                                    Geography

Our students were exposed to a diverse mix of academic lessons and various styles of learning (e.g. acting, public speaking, model building, debate, etc.). Above are a few examples of subjects taught this summer! As part of a small classroom of 8-10 students, each student was given the attention needed to best cater to their learning abilities. Thank you to our enthusiastic teachers who brought in their different cultures, perspectives, creativity, and mostly heart to each of their lessons this summer! 

Creativity in Environmental Science!

Lesson on the Food Web: students went around the classroom to connect different animals and plants within the food chain to eventually make a giant food web!

Final Project of "3D Art from Rubbish": Students created models of urban infrastructures  (e.g. parks, windmills, skyscrapers etc.) using environmental concepts learned in class. 


Students created their own poetry books that included different types of poems (e.g. Acrostic poems, Haikus and Concrete poems). Students applied various elements of poetry, such as simile, personification, and rhyming scheme.

Pop Art

Students were inspired by two famous artists learned in their Pop Art class, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. These works show the students' personal reflections of their Summerbridge experience. 

Nutrition & Health

Students created a food pyramid with the concept of "six basic food groups" learned in their Nutrition lessons. 


Students created mock businesses and made products (e.g. an air hokey game station, bracelets) that they sold in a site-wide market simulation. They also designed their own money that was used as part of a “Currency Exchange.” 


Students introduced Hong Kong via creative posters covering different aspects including the different regions, food, law, transportation systems, the film industry and the education system.


This project demonstrates the persuasion techniques learned in Psychology class (e.g. salience, repetition, framing effect), which were later used to create  student-led advertisements. 


Daily, students would perform lively skits in front of over a hundred peers and teachers, which include teaching everyone a new "Word of the Day". 

Spirit & Enthusiasm

On Spirit Day, students stepped out of their comfort zone and showed their spirit and enthusiasm. We formed a Spirit Train with loud cheers and supported each other through various activities. 


In "Talent Show", students showcased their beautiful skills and talents in front of all of their peers and teachers. 


On "Olympics Day", students and teachers accomplished challenges using teamwork.


Through small classes and interactive lessons, students became accustomed to voice their opinions and to enjoy proactively participating in class. 

Love of Learning

On "Student Teaching Day", roles reversed! Here, a student taught how to count in French to her peers and teachers!

Former Summerbridge Students give back to the community, returning as teachers and leaders in the program!

From the left: William Lun, Flora Cheng, Timmy Fu, Iris Yeung, Austin Ng, Macy Qin. 

Featured here are former Summerbridge students, as early as 2007, who are currently studying in university and came back to inspire the next generation. Four returned to teach their very own class, while one came back as a Dean of Students to lead and manage student affairs this summer. We are beyond proud and honored to have worked with these admirable former students who are an inspiration to us all!

William (2nd from the right) taught Sociology. His enthusiasm was infectious! Here he is in a skit with his committee of other teachers to promote "Student Teaching Day" to students, during which students become teachers for a day. 

Flora (left) taught Drama and co-taught a Spanish elective. Here, she encourages a student as she attempts a few Spanish phrases. 

Timmy (left) taught Nutrition & Health. Here, he proudly poses with his students after a lesson on the nutrition behind banana and strawberry smoothies and club sandwiches. 

Iris (right) taught on language and discourse found in English language movies and entertainment. Here, she is enthusiastically leading her students in a cheer on "Spirit Day", when students are stretched and supported to step out of their comfort zones. 

Austin was on leadership staff as our Dean of Students. What a milestone for this young man to journey from a student 8 years ago, to one who helped run the program. With a focus on overseeing student welfare and guiding teachers to better understand and relate to our students, Austin is here leading out our teachers in one of the teacher-training workshops. 

Macy (right) taught Marketing. Here, she facilitates a group discussion in her class to foster teamwork and confidence in her students. 

Special Thanks to Summerbridge's Honorary Patron, Mrs. Cathy Lee (李徐子淇女士)

The Summerbridge family would like to thank our Honorary Patron, Mrs. Cathy Lee, for generously donating autographed books to each of our students this summer. Thank you for promoting a love of learning through reading; our students love the books! We greatly appreciate your support through the years - thank you!

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